Used AMD Sapphire RX 5700 XT 8GPU Full rig GPU miner for ETC ETHW ERGO NEOX ETHF Crypto Mining

Model:RX5700XT Full rig hashrate:4400mhs Memory Capacity:8GB

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Sapphire RX 5700XT NITRO 8 GPU Complete Rig Parameters Graphics Card Modelsapphire RX 5700 XT 8GB GPU Quntity:8pcs Motherboard:8slot motherboard 65mm spacing RAM:DDR3 4GB SSD:64G Power Supply:2000W-2500W PC psu Machine Condition:Used(Normal operation)Sapphire RX 5700XT NITRO Graphics Card Parameters Basic Parameters Model RX 5700 XT 8G D6 NITRO Chip Model:AMD Radeon RX5700 XT Chip manufacturer:AMD Graphics card interface:Support PCI Express 4.0 Output interface:2×HDMI interface, 2×Display Port interface Performance Parameters Memory capacity:8GB Memory Type:GDDR 6 Memory bit width:256bit Stream processor unit (SP):2560 3D API:support DirectX 12.1,openGL 4.5 Maximum resolution:7680×4320 Other parameters Power connector:8 Pin+8 Pin Board size:306×135×49mmSapphire 5700xt Nitro 8 GPU Full Miner Main Feature: 1Sapphire is the best brand in the AMD series of graphics cards. 2Compared with the RX 6700/6800/6900 XT graphics card, the 5700xt has a lower power consumption and a similar hash rate, so it has a higher cost performance ratio 3Sapphire RX 5700xt not only has good game performance, but also has lower heat than other brands due to the good GPU memory and unique circuit board design during mining. 4Stable and durable.RFQ: 1About Guangxi Grayscale intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. Guangxi Grayscale intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and customization of OEM graphics cards, server cases, computer power supplies and various miners and computer related accessories, ASIC miner refurbishment and repair, is a comprehensive electronic technology China engaged in the production and sale of crypto digital currency mining related equipment and accessories company. About power supply and server chassis, we have advanced technology, strict production management and perfect quality assurance system. We have a professional technical and customer service team to provide more technical guidance and support to our customers. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran miner, mining will become easier with us. In addition to our own products, we have a complete supply chain system, whether it is ASIC, GPU, PSU, and various miner's accessories, customers can buy them all here in one stop. 2What is the price Due to the price instability of cryptocurrencies and market supply and demand, the price of miners is often adjusted, please contact our customer service to confirm the selling price on that day. 3How do I guarantee that I will receive the miners I want after payment. Our company is in business since 2017 and has 7 years of mining experience, we started with GPUs, built and operated Bitcoin as well as PGU mining farms, and have extensive experience with over 90% of crypto miners in the market. We can share our experience both before and after sales, and when you encounter problems, you can always contact us to answer them for you, such as how to choose the right miner for you? How to choose accessories? Under what conditions, what miner is more suitable to use? How to avoid too much heat in the environment where the miner is placed? And so on, you can consult us. This is the most effective way for general foreign traders, who are unable to do such detailed answers, to judge reliable crypto miner suppliers from the degree of professionalism. We can accept USDT payment and 14 kinds of fiat currency transactions, and all products are paid for before delivery. We're not in the business of one-offs, we're very much about word of mouth and integrity! 4Are there other configuration options? Of couse GPU miner is different from ASIC miner, you can configure any graphics card model you want, in addition to AMD RX 5700/6600/6700/680/6900 XT/580/590, you can also configure Nvidia graphics card, such as RTX 1660s/2060s/3060/3060ti /3070/3070ti/3080/3080ti/3090/3090ti/4090/4090ti.etc,even CMP 30HX/40HX/50HX/90HX/100HX/170HX.But we also need to consider other configurations, such as the size of the rig case, how to match the RAM/SDD/PSU, etc. If you are interested, please contact us.Tell the customer service what you want and let the customer service make a configuration list for you 5How is the warranty on used GPU miner? Regarding second-hand products, we will definitely confirm that the goods can be used normally before selling them. After paying the payment, we will test the product again, and take photos and videos of the product to confirm the SN code of the graphics card or ASIC miner to ensure that the product received by the customer is the product we tested, rather than using other items replace.Customers don't have to worry, after the goods are shipped, we will keep track of the order until the customer receives the goods safely.Professional customer service whatsapp:+8613768392284 Telegram:+8613768392284 skype:+8613768392284 wechat:+8613768392284 QQ:29884555

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