Goldshell KD2 KD5 KD6 KDA Mini ASIC MINER Home Office Mining Machine With Low Power Consumption

ModelKD2/KD5/KD6 FunctionsKDA Hashrate: 6TH/s,18TH/S,26.3TH/S Specification: 830W,2250W,2630W Release DateMarch 2021

Products Details

Specification parameters

Model No.



6TH/s,18TH/S,26.3TH/S -5%~+5%

Power Efficiency

830W,2250W,2630W -5%~+5%@Wall-Plug

Power efficiency on wall @25°C, J/TH



4 x 12038 FANs

Operating Temperature



KD2 55dB , KD5/KD680dB

Specification weight

Net Dimensions

200mm x 264mm x 290mm

Net weight, kg(2-2)


KD2 body with integrated aluminium design. The nameplate is marked with the power supply specification model and the serial number of the whole unit. The interface of the control board of the miner can be seen as IP up button, Ethernet interface, SD card slot, reset button and status indicator respectively. There are 96 chips in the whole machine.

When the machine is powered on, both lights flash at the same time when it is first switched on, the green light flashes when the machine is successfully powered on, and then the configuration of the mining pool begins. After 24 hours of operation, the average haserate at the pool side was 6186.27GH/S and the average hashrate at the miner side was 6326.8GH/S. Both figures were higher than those indicated on the website. The inlet air temperature was 28.1°C and the outlet air temperature was 47.3°C. The noise level was 53.5db, approximately equal to a desktop computer mainframe box. Power consumption during operation is 792.5W.

The machine uses a SNOWFAN fan inside, which is commonly found in high power consumption models and is characterised by strong heat dissipation capability but slightly noisy. The use of Goldshell self-developed high-perfor mance computing chip, with stronger performance and lower power consumption, gives the KD5 powerful data processing capability, making it maintain excellent and stable working condition at all times and improving computing efficiency.

After 24 hours of operation, we can see that the hashrate of the pool side is 17.68TH/S, the hashrate of the miner side is 17.6TH/S, and the power consumption in operation is 2121W/h. The measured data is basically the same as the data on the official website, which is within a reasonable range.

Goldshell KD5 is not only small in size, saving space and good placement in the mine. Good stability of running hashrate, low maintenance rate, save time and effort without too much care. It is the current KDA single machine with higher hashrate model, superior power consumption ratio and fast payback cycle.

As of June 2022, the highest-rated ASIC miner in the goldshell KDA miner series is KD6, but due to continued declining market conditions, KD6 is not selling for as much as KD2 and KD5 sold for during the peak period.

At the height of the market, a KD2/KD5 was selling for over $60,000. However, due to the continued decline in earnings, the KD6 now sells for less than $20,000

Is this the time to bottom out, or is it a continued wait-and-see period? Refuse to judge the future with your clients. But in my opinion, crypto mining can be entered at any time, it is just a matter of choosing what cryptocurrency to mine and what model of miner to choose in what period, these are issues that need serious thinking.

The KD6 is equipped with a newly upgraded big data processing chip, which reduces power consumption while increasing hashrate to 26.3TH/s, making it the most powerful KDA miner available. Compared to KD5, KD6 reduces the power consumption ratio to 0.1W/G, increases power efficiency by 20% and improves internal structure heat dissipation with a new upgraded thermal design.

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