Used BTC Miner Innosilicon T2TH T2TI T2TH+ 30T 32T 33T 37T 28T 29T For Mining Bitcoin ASIC Mining Mechine

ModelInnosilicon T2TH FunctionBTC/BCH/BSV SHA256 Hashrate: 30T/32T/33T/37T/28T/29T Specification: 2200W 29.5J/T Weight 9kg Miner Size,mm460*160*226mm Payment MethodUSD|EUR|GBP|CAD|AUD|RUB|USDT(ERC20/TRC20)

Products Details


Innosilicon T2TH

Crypto Algorithm




Power on wall @25°C


Rated voltage


Miner Size (Length*Width*Height, w/o package),mm(2-1)


Net weight, kg(2-2)


Environment Requirements


Innosilicon T2T is the most popular BTC ASIC miner in the used mining market in China. compared to Antminer S9, T2T has a higher hashrate and a more optimized power consumption ratio. The T2T still outperforms the S9 series in terms of machine stability and transport loss. Similarly, Innosilicon T2T is a big seller in countries where electricity is cheaper, such as Russia, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, etc., so this model of crypto miner is exported in larger quantities.Innosilicon T2T is divided into two different profiles of miners, distinguished by a single barrel tube and a double copper tube. We can view the following chart to distinguish to compare.Compared to T2TH, the T2TZ is a single cylinder miner, which provides better performance, greater stability, greater heat resistance and lower power consumption. The T2TZ is also smaller for export transport and has lower transport costs. However, due to better performance, the same hashatate miner, T2TZ will definitely cost more than T2TH. On the other hand, THE performance of T2TH is not as good as T2TZ, but it is not unusable, but the power consumption is slightly higher, heat resistance is worse, the volume is larger, the export transportation costs will be higher, but the price is much lower than T2TZ.

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