New Ant Bitcoin Miner T19 84T 88T Stock In HongKong Bitmain T17-84T T17-88T crypto asic miner for mining BTC BTH BSV COIN

ModelT19 FunctionsBTC/BCH Hashrate: 84TH /88TH Specification: 315037.5J/T Release DateJune 2020

Products Details

Specification parameters
Model No. T19  84T  
Hashrate 84TH/s ±3%
Power Efficiency 3150W ± 5%
Power efficiency on wall @25°C, J/TH 37.5J/TH ± 5%
Cooling 4 x 12038 FANs
Operating Temperature 0~40
Nosie 82dB
Specification weight  
Net Dimensions 400mm x 195.5mm x 290mm
Gross Dimensions 270mm x 316mm x 430mm
Net weight, kg(2-2) 14.2kg
Gross weight, kg 16kg

Introduction to the T19 miner

The T19 uses the APW12 power supply and upgraded firmware for faster startup, filling the gap between the s17+ and s19, giving miners an additional choice of models, an all-in-one model design, strong stability and superb cost performance.

MinerT19 88T unboxing

The Ant Mining Machine T19_88T is fully marked on the outside and comes in a package measuring 570x316x430 and weighing 16.16kg, which is slightly smaller but heavier than the S19 Pro 110T (680x425x535/15.3kg).

The miner is protected by pearl foam with an anti-static bag and the package includes a multilingual manual and certificate of conformity.

The T19_88T is an all-in-one design with parallel dual fans for front and rear exhaust cooling and an integrated power connector with dual 10A ports. It can be placed upright or flat in a rack. The physical dimensions of the miner are 400x195x288mm, the overall weight of the machine is 14.3kg and the weight S19 Pro 110T (13.2kg) weighs 1kg.

One difference between the Ant Miner T19_88T and the S19 Pro 110T in terms of appearance is the length of the power supply. The Ant Miner T19_88T is paired with a shorter power supply, with the control board positioned flush with the power supply and also retracted part way inwards.

The Ant Mining Machine T19_88T is fully marked with the manufacturer's nameplate and SN code, the mining machine version is T19 and the model number is 240-Ca.

Internal analysis of the Ant Mining Machine T19_88T

Control board disassembly

The interface of the control board of the T19_88T remains the same, from left to right: SD card - TF card slot, used for brushing firmware; IP Report - IP button, used to find the IP address of the miner with the Ant tool; ETH - network cable interface; Reset - restart button (long press to restore factory settings); LED indicator - shows the operating status of the miner.

The control board of the T19_88T is closed by a specially designed protective cover.

The protective cover also protects the copper plate where the power supply is connected to the calculator board, while another protective cover is designed to seal the terminals and the control board power supply and voltage regulator cables in the power supply position. The positive side of the power supply connection is clearly marked with a "+" for easy voltage detection.

The control board can be withdrawn from the inlet side by removing the baffle plate in front of the control board and the connecting wires on the control board. The AntMine T19_88T also uses a newly designed control board with the model number Ctrl_C55 and version V2.2010.

Power supply disassembly

The T19_88T comes with a new APW12 power supply, which provides an adjustable voltage of 12-15V and two external AC input cables. The power supply is labelled with the manufacturer's logo and a warning label at the power supply connector to indicate that both power cables need to be disconnected in the event of a power failure.

The APW12 power supply is held in place by a specially designed slot, which is then screwed in place on the outlet side.

The APW12 power supply uses three fans to supply air to provide active cooling for the internal components of the power supply. The dual 10A AC input power supply reduces the hassle of changing sockets in the mine, and the built-in protection against undervoltage, short circuit, over temperature and over current enhances the power supply reliability.

Hashrate board disassembly

The AntMine T19_88T uses a deeply customised and optimised thermal design solution, with two parallel 12cm/12v/2.7A fans on the inlet side and two parallel 12cm/12v/3.14A fans on the outlet side to provide cooling for the hash rate board. The customised fan bracket is fitted to the hash rate board, with a conductive cloth installed around the edges to prevent shielding from electromagnetic radiation.

The T19_88T is made of die-cast aluminium alloy, with pre-designed slots for the hash rate board, control board slots and notches for connecting the hashrate board to the power supply.

The T19_88T is equipped with 3 hash rate boards, each with a heatsink on both sides, in line with the Ant S19 Pro 110T's deeply customised and optimised thermal design.

On the chip side, there are two whole heatsinks, the whole heatsink is designed to be streamlined, allowing for less air resistance on the incoming side, facilitating airflow to quickly bring heat out and effectively reduce dust build-up.

On the other side, a single heatsink is used to dissipate heat, with the area of the heatsink gradually getting larger from the inlet side backwards, effectively ensuring even heat dissipation throughout the entire hash rate board.

The T19_88T is equipped with 76 chips per board, with a total of 228 custom TSMC 7nm ASIC chips with SHA256 algorithm, model BM1398.

T19 88T Testing

The Ant Mining Machine T19_88T was tested for over 48 hours, with an inlet temperature (room temperature) of 25.3 degrees, an inlet humidity of 81%, an outlet temperature of 49.1 degrees; an outlet humidity of 17%; a power outlet temperature of 29.4 degrees; and an overall power consumption of 3067W for the Ant Mining Machine T19_88T.

The control page of the Ant Mining Machine T19_88T shows an average total calculation power of 88.48TH/s.

The btc pool shows a 24-hour average of 89.4TH/s, with a power consumption ratio of 34.3 W/T.

The performance of the miner is excellent, with the pool receiving better arithmetic power, power consumption and power consumption ratio than the officially announced parameters.

The new firmware makes it easier and faster to configure the miner, the miner starts up faster, and the new control interface not only makes operation and maintenance more efficient, it is also more friendly to entry-level miners and reduces the difficulty of mining for newbies.

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