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ModelLB BOX FunctionsLBC Hashrate: 175GH Specification: 1620.92W/G Release DateJune 2021

Products Details

Specification parameters
Model No. LB BOX
Hashrate 175GH/s±5%
Power Efficiency 162W±5%
Power efficiency on wall @25°C, J/TH 0.92W/G
Rated voltage 176-264V
Cooling 2 FANs
Operating Temperature 0~35
Nosie 35dB
Specification weight  
Net Dimensions 178mm*150mm*84mm
Gross Dimensions 310mm*220mm*120mm
Net weight, kg(2-2) 1.46kg
Gross weight, kg 2.75kg
Description of Goldshell LB BOX The latest one of the LBRY algorithm miners, following the usual style of the Goldshel BOX series miners, LB-BOX is still a low-power, quiet and lightweight home version of the miner, supporting the coin type: LBC.  LB BOX running test

The outer packaging is designed with a handmade bag gift box with manufacturer and mining machine information and various compliance logos printed on the surface of the box, size 31CM*22CM*12CM. The power supply is shaped like an external electronic device (e.g. a hard drive case, a game console), the difference is that the miner is made of alloy.

 The front of the miner has two 8cm diameter cooling fans with a protective mesh that allows air to enter from this side when the miner is running. The air outlet at the rear of the miner has a six-sided honeycomb design for better airflow efficiency.

Various ports and status lights at the rear of the miner. Mining machine ip key, mining machine running status light, controller status light, PCI-E6p power connector, RJ-45 network cable connector, memory card socket.

 Before installing the mining machine, you need to provide your own routing and RJ-45 network cable. The network cable is recommended to use major brands of finished network cable, stable and reliable. The network cable is connected to the mining machine and routing, and then connected to the power supply. Debug and power on the miner, wait a few dozen seconds and then set up the miner.

After 48 hours of operation at a room temperature of 26°C, the average temperature of the air inlet was 25.9°C and the average temperature of the air outlet was 39.4°C. The machine dissipated heat normally, and the hashrate was monitored in the background of the machine and in the mining pool, with no downtime or impact on revenue due to abnormal heat dissipation.

The miner was running in the default power mode, and its arithmetic power reached about 175G within a short period of time after starting up. The power is measured to be about 163w when the miner is in normal operation with an hashrate of about 175G.

In terms of noise, when the miner is running steadily, the fan speed is 1300-1400 rpm, and the measured noise is about 52.2dBa at 10cm from the miner. The housing of the miner measured 31.7 degrees.

 The inside of the miner consists of three parts, the cooling fan (SNOWFAN 12V 0.32A), the hashrate board, and the controller. There are 16 chips.

 Goldshel LB-BOX mining machine is solidly made, easy to use and stable in operation. The average hashrate is around 175G and the power is around 163w, which is roughly the same as the official claim. Low noise and high performance, suitable for mining in many scenarios.

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