iPollo G1 42G Grin Crypto asic miner

ModeliPollo G1 FunctionsGrin Hashrate: 42G  70W/G Specification: 2800W Release DateAugust 2020

Products Details

Specification parameters

Model No.




Power Efficiency


Power efficiency on wall @25°C, J/TH



4  FANs

Operating Temperature



Cuckatoo 32

Specification weight


Net Dimensions

350mm x 158mm x 355mm

Gross Dimensions

535mm x 450mm x 307mm

Net weight, kg(2-2)


Gross weight, kg


The ipollo G1 Grin is an all-in-one machine with the power supply and the miner integrated into one unit, with the power supply on one side and the Love Pineapple logo, a brief description of the miner and notes on its use on the other. The G1 Grin cooling system uses 4 x 1438B DC12V 5A cooling fans to provide cooling for the miner, 2 for air supply and 2 for air extraction, the miner can be placed upright or lying flat for convenience and flexibility. The G1 Grin miner consists of a case, power supply, calculator board, control board and heat sink. The cables connecting the miner's components can be seen when the case is opened. The cooling fan is powered and controlled by the control board, with a protective rubber ring installed at the point where the fan makes contact with the case. The G1 Grin miner is equipped with a Hankook HQ3580-H01 power supply. The Hankook HQ3580-H01 power supply has a maximum load of 3500W, with a conversion efficiency of up to 94% or more, and can adapt to the complex power supply (AC input 176V~300V) requirements of the mine, with IIC software communication, high reliability and good performance, and comes with one 16A power cable. The mining machine power supply and the arithmetic board are connected using two whole gold copper plates, and the control board power supply uses a 6pin power cable. The G1 Grin miner uses a control board with model number: AWH3. The panel interfaces are defined as: Ethernet port, TF card slot, report IP button, reset button and status indicator. The G1 Grin comes with three built-in power boards, which are fitted into the case via slots designed into the case. There are 10 individual heatsinks on each heatsink and an adhesive pad on the back of the heatsink to protect it from bumps and bumps. Under each individual heatsink is a separate arithmetic board. The separate arithmetic board contains a separate chip, and a thermal pad is used between the chip and the heatsink to direct the heat from the chip to the heatsink. The miner is equipped with 30 ASIC chips of the G22 12nm FinFET process. This Grin chip is known to have a highly efficient Cuckatoo cycle computing core built into it. With a chip area of: 38x38mm, this is the world's first dedicated Grin-enabled chip and is the largest single chip area of any ASIC miner currently on the market. The G1 Grin is housed in an aluminium unibody case, with a slot for the power card and a hole for the cable.

The pollo G1 Grin miner was tested for over 24 hours and started mining as soon as the miner was set up and ran smoothly.

The temperature at the inlet air outlet was 46.4 degrees with a temperature difference of 14.4 degrees, which is within the normal range. The temperature at the power outlet was 38.1 degrees with a temperature difference of 6.1 degrees.

The 24-hour average arithmetic power is 40G/s, which combined with the 2800W power consumption results in a power consumption ratio of 70W/G for the G1 Grin miner.

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